The Aquatich 40 is designed in collaboration between sailing enthusiast Bjørn Erik Bjørnsen and Humphreys Yacht Design.

About Humphreys Yacht Design

Humphreys Yacht Design boasts a portfolio of work that is as diverse as it is successful. Founded in 1974, HYD’s roots lie in the design of racing yachts and small custom sailing yachts, but over the years the office has expanded into the series-production and large custom sectors, for both sailing and motor yachts – yet still without forsaking what for years has been its core business. Indeed, the diversity of projects undertaken creates a fertile crossflow of thinking and helps to maintain HYD’s standing at the cutting edge of yacht design, keeping ideas fresh and allowing skills and knowledge from one area of the design spectrum to filter across into others.

The studio combines the latest in design technology and techniques with an experienced team of designers, and its performance pedigree underpins a technical expertise that few other design houses can match. A number of awards have been collected over the years, most recently for the 37m high performance motor yacht Ermis² with a total tally of three international awards.

About Bjørn Erik Bjørnsen 

Bjørn Erik Bjørnsen has been sailing since 1982 and currently has several trophies under his belt — including the prestigious Trofeo S.M La Reina in Valencia, Spain as well as several regattas in Stavanger and Haugesund, Norway.

As a resourceful man who enjoys designing and innovating, Bjørn Erik was on the lookout for a boat that could perform spectacularly for ORC racing, but unfortunately found none that fitted his requirements. There were many boats out on the market that rated well for IRC, but did not fit in to the handicap rules for ORC.

He then spoke to Humphreys Yacht Design to see if they had the ideal boat on their portfolio, and after an in-depth discussion, decided that whatever that was out there would not be good enough. He’d have to build his own.

And so Aquatich 40 was born.